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Investor Relations

Parkview Financial Fund 2015 LP

Fund Overview

Managed by Parkview Financial, one of the industry’s most prominent direct lenders with more than $4 billion in loan originations and over $800 million in AUM, Parkview Financial Fund 2015, LP is a limited partnership investment company with a Private REIT structure. The Fund’s investment objective is generating quarterly income for its investors with limited variability of returns.


The Fund allocates capital to real estate development companies in the form of construction loans and bridge loans, specifically for the completion of Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Office, Retail, Speculative Single-Family Residences and Industrial projects. The Fund employs strict in-house due diligence, cost analysis, underwriting and construction management for each loan. The Fund has maintained consistent quarterly returns since its inception, with 8 years of 10%+ annual net returns to investors due to management’s focus on steady and conservative growth.

Why Invest With Us

Since the Fund’s inception in 2015, Parkview Financial has secured a solid industry reputation and steadfast loyalty from large institutions, financial advisors, family offices, and individual investors. We believe our success is best attributed to the experience of our team, the methods they employ, and the values that drive our organization.

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What Sets the Parkview Financial Fund Apart

  • Meticulous underwriting to understand the loan basis, pricing, market comps, and future valuation

  • LTC of no more than 75% and an LTV of 65% to shrink risk

  • In-house construction team to provide full constructability analysis and continual monitoring of the construction process

  • In-house civil engineers painstakingly price asset down to the last screw to accurately lend on the cost to build the asset

  • Loan funding utilizing a milestone system to release scheduled committed capital reducing risk and preserving investor capital

68% of The Fund Comprises Multifamily/Mixed-Use Projects

The Unites States is currently experiencing an approximately 7-million-unit deficit in housing. As interest rates have risen and are anticipated to remain at higher levels, subsequently there is a higher demand for rental product as rents continue on an upward trajectory. These sector fundamentals create an attractive opportunity for developers and an opportunistic environment for lenders and their investors.


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Investment Projects

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