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Jonathan Blake

Jonathan Blake

Loan Processing Director

Jonathan Blake, Loan Processing Director | Parkview Financial

Jonathan Blake is the Loan Processing Director at Parkview Financial. Jonathan joined Parkview after 15 years in residential real estate, listing and leasing homes, as well as several foreclosure investment projects. Jonathan’s primary role is to ensure a seamless execution throughout the underwriting process from origination to closing, overseeing document management, organizational systems and workflow tracking.


Prior to real estate, he honed his organizational skills in account management at the Leo Burnett Company, a global ad agency based in Chicago. During his tenure there, he held leadership positions domestically and abroad, including six years in Sydney and Singapore. Jonathan received a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Civilization from Brown University.


Jonathan enjoys being the parent of two young men, while exploring the many attractions of California and planet earth. He is passionate about digital photography, pop-culture and current events which he pursues in the aforementioned locations.

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