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Himanshu Tiwari

Himanshu Tiwari

Vice President, Underwriting

Himanshu Tiwari, Senior Underwriter, Parkview Financial

P 310-996-8999 x134


Himanshu Tiwari is the Vice President, Underwriting at Parkview Financial, where he is responsible for overseeing the entire underwriting process for new loans entering the pipeline. In addition, Himanshu actively participates in deal-specific capital markets and credit risk management. He collaborates with various stakeholders, including borrowers, originators, construction and asset management teams, and attorneys. Himanshu leads the financial modeling exercises for the fund and also engages in portfolio management, asset liability management, and cash flow management. He is involved in managing fund-level financing and leveraging opportunities. Himanshu is also driving organizational change by implementing the adoption of new technologies and providing thought leadership across leading online real estate platforms.


Before joining Parkview, Himanshu held several leadership roles in underwriting and structuring real estate loans at top banks in India. He holds an MBA from Management Development Institute, a prestigious business school in India, and recently graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a master's degree in real estate finance.


Aside from his professional pursuits, Himanshu has a keen interest in economics and sustainability and is also a certified astrologer. Himanshu resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two children, and enjoys taking trips to nearby destinations during weekends.

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