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Picture of conference room at Parkview Financial

Our Team

Our Team

Leadership Team

Paul Rahimian
Dar Rahimian
Ted Jung

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Senior Advisor

Chief Credit Officer

Frank He
Brad Ross

Managing Director, Head of Construction

Managing Director, Head of Originations


John Buchhalter
Selam Tsegaye
Aslam Hayath
Leonidas Milas, Parkview Financial

Executive Vice President,
Construction Team

Vice President, Sr.
Construction Cost Estimator

Construction Cost Estimator

Construction Loan Manager

Samantha Joseph

Construction Loan Administrator

Jocelyne Rivas.jpg

Construction Engineer, Asset Manager

Rachel Valdespino

Project Coordinator


Marty Friedmann
Alan Hiller
Photo of Himanshu Tiwari, Senior Underwriter with Parkview Financial
Photo of Blair Lewis, Senior Underwriter with Parkview Financial

Managing Director, Underwriting
& Systems Integration

Sr. Vice President, Underwriter

Vice President, Underwriting

Senior Underwriter

Bruce Park

Associate, Jr. Underwriter

Gonzalo Ponce Garland

Asset Management Associate

Jonathan Blake

Loan Processing Director


Doug Esteves
Luke Hingson
Photo of Blake Rodgers, Senior Loan Originator with Parkview Financial
Photo of Richard Klein, Originations  Associate with Parkview Financial

Senior Loan Originator

Senior Loan Originator

Senior Loan Originator

Originations Associate


Carl Dulay
Drew Weinstein
Leo Lopez, Parkview Financial
Madeline Boyd

Vice President, Controller

Vice President, Investor Relations

Fund Accounting &
Operations Associate

Investor Relations & Operations Analyst

Karina Parada

Marketing Director

Esther Kim

Executive Assistant

Photo of Aliyah Farard, Human Resources Director with Parkview Financial

Human Resources Director

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