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Company Culture

Parkview Financial Culture


One Team, One Path,

One Focus.

With a culture of trust, integrity, teamwork, creativity, reliability and respect underpinning our movement within the finance world, our team shares a common vision for an evolved private real estate lending industry supported by our core tenets.  

Our platform delivers our vision by offering peerless services in construction financing to developers across the nation in conjunction with our stakeholders.  Whether through our lending platform or other initiatives, we are driven in everything we do to Create and Build Opportunities in alignment with our employees, borrowers, investors and communities alike.

Our Purpose is to Create and Build Opportunities.

Our Core Values are shared among all Parkview employees and are reflected in everything we do at Parkview. We approach all of our work with trust, integrity, teamwork, creativity, reliability and respect. 


We are relied upon with confidence to deliver what we promise.

  • Preserve total confidence in each other and our clients

  • Full transparency in everything we do

  • Inspire excellence by believing in people, enabling them to achieve their highest potential

  • Foster a consistent and stellar reputation that is a testament to our words and follow through


We live by a code of honesty and integrity that is reflected in everything we do.

  • Go beyond the letter of our agreements

  • Act in the best long-term interests of our clients

  • Explain and update borrowers on all new information and findings

  • Authenticity and straightforwardness are entrenched in our culture


We seek alignment, act as a cohesive team and support each other's best interests.

  • Motivation and inspiration raise the bar for all company-wide

  • Serve each other from the top down, bottom up, and sideways

  • Everyone gets a seat at the table

  • Thrive alongside our clients with a focus on a win-win strategy for all involved


We think and work creatively to successfully execute the most challenging transactions.

  • Constantly develop new, inventive, and resourceful ways to close deals

  • Collaborate on unique situations to produce solid solutions

  • Rethink standard practices of the industry to streamline processes

  • Approach convention with healthy skepticism


We can be counted on to meet and exceed expectations.

  • Ensure peace of mind knowing we can fund loans large and small

  • Say what we mean and mean what we say

  • Guarantee tasks will get accomplished in a timely manner  

  • Go the distance to deliver with passion, enthusiasm, and experience


We respect each other, our borrowers, our investors and our communities.

  • Value one another and our clients above financial measures

  • Welcome differences of opinion and contrarian views

  • Treat others the way we want to be treated

  • Understand that dealing with a new normal means different things to different people

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