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Parkview Financial | Built to Withstand Market Cycles

Parkview Financial, Built to Withstand Market Cycles

Dear Valued Partners,

The Federal Reserve began aggressively increasing the Federal Funds rate in June 2022. As interest rate growth compounded over the following quarters, the capital markets retreated as permanent financing rates climbed and investors sought price discovery on cap rates and valuations. Today, banks are failing as they mark-to-market their investments after runs on deposits.

Parkview Financial was established in 2009 in the heart of the Great Financial Crisis as a diversified alternative to banks for construction lending. Post-COVID, we were one of the first lenders back in the markets and originated nearly $3 Billion of new loans since Q4 2020. As a low leverage (15% of fund AUM on average), balance sheet lender, Parkview is built to withstand market cycles. We entered the current environment with a strong balance sheet and eye on future growth. Our banking relationships are diversified and provide little to no exposure to the market’s recent bank volatility.

In response to changing market conditions, our firm has taken multiple steps to position itself for continued stability and growth.

We also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the challenges of the past quarters and sincerely thank our borrowers for their cooperation during this time. We are taking every step to ensure the firm remains the best possible partner now and into the future and will continue to work tirelessly to be a catalyst for the timely success of each project.

On behalf of the entire Parkview team, we value your relationship and appreciate your continued support of Parkview Financial.

Visit our website to learn more about our bridge and construction loan programs,


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