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Gonzalo Ponce Garland

Gonzalo Ponce Garland

Associate, Acquisition Underwriter

Gonzalo Garland, Associate, Acquisition Underwriter | Parkview Financial

Gonzalo Ponce Garland is an Associate, Acquisition Underwriter at Parkview Financial. Gonzalo focuses on the analysis and execution of the acquisition of commercial and residential properties across the United States.


Prior to joining Parkview, Gonzalo completed a Master of Science in Real Estate, Finance & Investments at New York University. Before receiving his master’s degree, Gonzalo started his career at WELZ, a boutique Real Estate Private Equity in Madrid, Spain, where he worked as an Investment Analyst. Throughout his time at WELZ, he accomplished the underwriting of +€100mm in debt and equity real estate projects across the Iberian Market. Gonzalo obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration at IE University, Madrid, in 2018.


Outside work, Gonzalo enjoys attending live music events, trying great food, and hanging out with his friends. He also likes to play a variety of sports such as soccer, golf, and biking.

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