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Parkview Elevate 2024: Highlights from Austin, TX!

Parkview Elevate 2024 | Austin, Texas

This year’s third annual Parkview Elevate event was hosted in Austin, the Music Capital of the World, at the stylish Thompson Hotel. Our team gathered for an unforgettable experience themed 'Building a Better Soundtrack,' highlighting our commitment to enhancing our approach, style, and business decisions. Over three days, we engaged in insightful discussions, networking, and celebrated our achievements, further strengthening the culture at Parkview Financial.

Welcome Austin Bash

We kicked off Elevate with an Austin Bash at the Thompson Hotel’s Bayberry Room, featuring local-style cuisine, drinks, custom bandana stations by Rumi Lane, and live music by the talented local band, The Peterson Brothers. Colleagues from across the country joined in, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and connecting over shared experiences.


Elevate Day 1

Richard Klein, Originations Associate at Parkview, led the first session with an insightful overview of Parkview’s Purpose and Core Values. He made these values relevant to our firm today by relating them to his recent professional experiences.

In our keynote presentation, Carsten Raaum, Director of Capital Markets Research at CBRE, offered insights into the economy, capital markets, lending conditions, and investment strategies.


Paul Rahimian welcomed our team to Austin, speaking about the state of the company and stressing the importance of building a better soundtrack through business practices. He focused particularly on how change is beneficial for an organization.

One of the highlights of the event was the recognition of team milestones, led by Rachel Valdespino and Doug Esteves. We celebrated the contributions of team members who have been with Parkview for three and five years, respectively, acknowledging their dedication and hard work.


During her session, Paula Caligiuri from Skillify discussed cultural agility competencies and diverse communication interpretations. Her presentation emphasized navigating global business contexts with a deep understanding of cultural diversity and offered practical strategies for enhancing cross-cultural effectiveness.


In his presentation on the future of AI innovations in real estate finance, Chris Donahoe explored ethical considerations and strategic frameworks for adopting new technologies.

As our special guest speaker, Michael Cooper, a former Lakers star, shared his journey and achievements, including his prestigious induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. The session wrapped up with an engaging Q&A, offering a lively glimpse into his career and personal experiences.


The first day of Elevate closed out with dinner at the famous Terry Black's Barbecue! Later, we explored Rainey Street, soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of one of Austin's liveliest neighborhoods.



Elevate Day 2

Elevate kicked off the next day with an energetic cycling class at Studio Three, where we got our hearts pumping to start the day.

Our first session, led by Brad Ross, focused on his journey at Parkview. He shared insights on why he joined and his vision for the company's future. The session included a lively Q&A where we heard about others' journeys to joining our team.


Parkview's Goals session, featuring Marty Friedemann, Managing Director, Underwriting and Systems of Integration, and Paul Rahimian, Founder of Parkview Financial, highlighted the company's long-term objectives and collaborative strategies. Marty Friedemann discussed successful ideas and structures that were implemented to achieve these goals.


Paul Rahimian led this session and took the opportunity to honor Karina Parada, Marketing Director, for her dedicated service and commitment to Parkview by presenting her with a special award commemorating her 10-year anniversary with the company.


During the event, attendees were inspired by Heather McClellan's session on leadership development as a hero’s journey. Drawing parallels between leadership challenges and the epic quests of mythical heroes, McClellan underscored the importance of resilience, vision, and ethical decision-making for personal and organizational success. Her insights offered practical strategies and new perspectives to strengthen leadership qualities, perfectly complementing Parkview Financial's dedication to continuous development.


To close out the event, Cameron Atlas discussed achieving new levels of excellence. He detailed six stages to mastery that, when successfully navigated, lead to significant growth. Participants walked away with actionable strategies for driving innovation, enhancing productivity, and fostering a high-performing culture.


We closed our time in Austin by enjoying another night out and having dinner at a local Mexican restaurant called La Condesa, where we savored family-style Mexican food and each other's company. Following dinner, we ventured into Austin’s vibrant 6th Street nightlife scene.

We thank our team for joining us on this journey. We invite you to explore more highlights below and watch our recap video!



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