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Parkview Financial: Mid-Year Recap 2021

Six months, two quarters and an incredible team effort later, the results are in! The first half of 2021 has seen our dedicated Team at Parkview set new high watermarks across loan originations and fundraising. With construction loans funded from New York to California, and everywhere in between, we provided construction financing to developers across the country. Investor demand has exceeded expectations with new equity flowing into our debt fund to keep pace with originations. We raised funds in record numbers with our valued long-time partners as well as new investors, and as you can see by the photos – we had plenty of fun along the way!

So far, in 2021, Parkview is pleased to have $490 million in new loan originations amidst equity growth of 26% for the first half of the year. This momentum is amazing and is riding on the heels of 2020 when we saw a 41% increase in investor equity for the year. We are truly grateful for the support from everyone we work with on a daily basis – it is a collaborative effort.

As we reflect on reaching milestones of growth in lending and raising capital, we recognize that these numeric milestones are only part of the picture. Underpinning our growth are the quality relationships we have with long-time partners and new ones alike. With all the activity, we wanted to make sure we took a moment to reach out and catch up with you. We hope that your year is going well and we wish you the best in all aspects of growth in your family, friendships, and business. We invite you to shoot over an email, give us a call or set up a quick meeting or lunch to say hi or discuss how we can collaborate now or in the future.

All the best to you and we look forward to an even better second half of 2021!

The Parkview Financial Team


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